FW: [mythtv-users] Xbox reading CD-R vs. DVD-R (was:ConvertingaTiVO Series 2 to a Myth Box?)

Paul Kidwell tmb at ieee.org
Wed Dec 1 15:09:49 UTC 2004

> This is proving to be a tough nut to crack.

Met with success last night! I had stopped off and bought some DVD-Rs and on a
whim picked up a another brand of CD-RWs (Maxell) I gave the CD-RWs a try first
and it booted right up.

(And there was great rejoicing......yeaaaaaah)

So now I'm onto the next issue.

I was following the how-to at bit.blkbk and made it through phase I to the point
where you reboot into your new Xebian install, and it didn't. As it the box
behaved as if I hadn't done the install at all. I had been trying to install to
F:, so I re-did the install. (same result) then I thought I'd try installing in
the saved game area, and that didn't work either. So right now if I turn my xbox
on with nothing in the drive it looks the same as it did a week ago.

<sigh>Time to start posting on bit.blkbk.

The quest continues.


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