[mythtv-users] Hardware selection and usage questions.

Randy Carpenter mythtv at rune.net
Wed Dec 1 07:22:50 UTC 2004

> >I am also looking for the best motherboard to use as a frontend. I would
> >like to a board with S-Video out as well as digital audio out (optical or
> >coax). I would like to hvae a small form factor, so MicroATX is probably
> >best. The consensus seems to favor the nForce2 boards as having the best
> >quality of video and audio support, but I cannot find a board with both
> >S-Video and digital audio out onboard. I have seen mention of the ASUS 
> >Pundit system, but I really dislike the digital out on the front.
> >  
> >
> Don't quote me on this.. but I seem to recall something about a 
> chaintech mobo having these on.. maybe the 7NIF2..
> It was a bit ago and I could be wrong.. but maybe worth looking up

Yeah... I've been looking too. The Chaintech board requires an add-on card 
for the S/PDIF, which I cannot find.

There is also an ASUS board, but it requires an add-on card for the 
s-video, and for the S/PDIF.

I found a couple of barebones systems:

AOpen EX18

Both have the features I want. They are both a little pricey though. I was 
hoping to find a MB for well under $100, and a case for pretty cheap.

Any more comments would be greatly appreciated. I am sure that many would 
like to know what hardware is working well for others.


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