[mythtv-users] HD3000 Line out sound

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Wed Dec 1 01:02:30 UTC 2004

Hello all,

FC2 hints below.
Basic problem: line out on HD3000 card not working on CVS Mythtv.

     I have been fighting with FC2 and a HD3000 card from pcHDTV for a 
couple of days now. I have CVS from Sunday up and working for the most part. 
I have everything working now except the sound on the card itself. The 
HD3000 uses a line out on the card for its capture audio. The idea is to 
patch this through to the line in on my SBLive 5.1 card. I am using ALSA 
0.9. The issue is that the card itself is not outputing audio when using 
Mythtv. It does output audio with tvtime and xawtv. Any ideas on how to 
remedy this? I have native ALSA enabled in the settings file and compiled 

FC2 hints:
There seems to be an issue with the HD3000 and v4l, however everything gets 
along under v4l2. There is a hardwire line of code on line 875 of 
NuppelVideoRecord.cpp that forces Myth to use v4l. Commenting out this line 
lets Mythtv use v4l2 and the HD3000 card is happy. Also take note that there 
are a plethera of option in the settings file for compile time.


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