[mythtv-users] Hardware selection and usage questions.

Craig Tinson craig at 8010.co.uk
Wed Dec 1 07:06:19 UTC 2004

mythtv at rune.net wrote:

>I'm new to the list, but have looked through much of the archives. I have 
>2 basic questions that I can't seem to find a definitive answer for.
>I am planning on setting up MythTV to primarily be a storage device for my 
>DVD collection. Recording TV is not needed at this time, although, I may 
>add that feature later. Is there any docs to show how to get MythTV to 
>work without the requirement for TV tuner cards and channel information. 
>Everything seems to revolve around the TV feature.
>I am also looking for the best motherboard to use as a frontend. I would
>like to a board with S-Video out as well as digital audio out (optical or
>coax). I would like to hvae a small form factor, so MicroATX is probably
>best. The consensus seems to favor the nForce2 boards as having the best
>quality of video and audio support, but I cannot find a board with both
>S-Video and digital audio out onboard. I have seen mention of the ASUS 
>Pundit system, but I really dislike the digital out on the front.

Don't quote me on this.. but I seem to recall something about a 
chaintech mobo having these on.. maybe the 7NIF2..

It was a bit ago and I could be wrong.. but maybe worth looking up



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