[mythtv-users] Re: widespread reports of (sort of) the same failures

Marc Tousignant drayson at net1plus.com
Wed Dec 1 02:48:39 UTC 2004

>Firstly has this been brought up on the ivtv lists? 
>Well the difference is not necessarily that it is "doing something 
>different" the second time around. 
>More likely scenarios are: 
>1. that something either hasn't been closed down correctly after the 
>first run 
>2. that some resource has been locked and not freed correctly after the 
>first run 
>3. that something has been closed down "too properly" after the first 
>run and isn't getting reinitialised. 
>Next do you have any options for increasing the verbosity of the logging 
>in the ivtv driver? 
>Finally what happens if you unload and reload all of the ivtv drivers 
>after the first run? 


I was having this same problem with Gentoo.

I completely reinstalled using x86 instead of ~x86 and the error is gone.

~x86 was used only for certain programs like mythtv, video drivers, and a
few other things.

I am running the 2.6.9-rc2-love4 kernel with the new tuners pack applied. I
have tuner # 47.

I'm using the CVS version from this morning, do not have version # on hand,
thou I was using one from Friday prior to this and the issue was not there
either. This seems to have been caused by a program MythTV or the IVTV
drivers rely on which is only available in the Gentoo ~x86 unstable branch.


With this new install I was having a problem with watching TV after a show
finished recording. Was getting the can not connect to the capture device
after 15 seconds game over message. I identified this as being caused by
MythTV running the commercial flagging process. Once I stopped it from
flagging commercials the 15 second error stopped.


Now the only problem I am having is that if I try to do anything while a
recording is in progress said recording bombs.

If I am watching TV when the recording starts and choose to watch as it
records it works fine.

If I am 15 mins late and choose to start watching the recording in progress:
I lets me watch, however, nothing is actually recorded after I start
watching. Also, it says it is recording even thou it bombed and the backend
has to be restarted to get it to realize that it is not recording anymore.
This prohibits you from recording any other shows or watching live tv until
the backend is restarted.

It seems to be that if I look at the watch recordings page at all it dies

Also if I am watching a previously recorded show at the time a recording
starts: the new recording bombs within seconds.


I'm leaning towards believing this is a HDD or file system issue. I am
running reiserfs on all but my boot drive. Has anyone had bad experiences
with this file system? 

One of the guides I read said use xfs thou another one said reiserfs would
work just as well.

I have used reiserfs for a long time without any issues prior to this.

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