[mythtv-users] OT: 802.11g connection for backend

rhatguy at comcast.net rhatguy at comcast.net
Wed Dec 1 02:44:32 UTC 2004

I can't speak for the wireless bridge but I can tell you that I have two remote frontends connected to a backend though an all dlink 802.11g (2 pci, 1 pcmcia) network and they don't have any trouble playing full framerate.  Hope that helps.

> I know wireless options for mythboxes have been discussed repeatedly
> on the list, but it seems that those are usually for frontend systems.
>  I currently have a backend/frontend combo box (that I may connect via
> 802.11g) and a single remote frontend.  I'm planning to install an
> additional remote frontend in the not-too-distant future so I'd be
> looking at two frontends connecting to the backend via 802.11g.  I'd
> also have an xbox using the same 802.11g bridge, but that shouldn't be
> too bandwidth intensive.  For clarity, here's a better description of
> my proposed network setup:
> 3 PC's connected directly to router via cat5e.  One of those PC's is
> the existing remote frontend.  I'd then have an 802.11g bridge
> connecting a switch to the router via wireless.  That switch would
> connect both the xbox and master backend to the router.  I'm thinking
> that I'll be okay since g should give me 30 Mbits or so.  Of course,
> the remote frontends will be mounting the video, movie and music
> directories via NFS over the same connection.
> Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Again, I'm pretty sure this
> should be okay, but it never hurts to ask before dropping $100 on a
> wireless bridge.
> Brad
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