[mythtv-users] Re: widespread reports of (sort of) the same failures

Dean Vanden Heuvel deanv at cox.net
Wed Dec 1 04:59:03 UTC 2004

I also am using Gentoo, and have tried (as I said above) may MANY 
kernels. Currently I am using 2.6.9-gentoo-r4.

I just tried using "mythfrontend --verbose playback" and forced a 
failure. Here is the error message:

2004-11-30 21:39:47.884 Estimated bitrate = 384000
2004-11-30 21:39:48.222 Position map filled from DB to: 27008
2004-11-30 21:39:48.228 SyncPositionMap prerecorded, from DB: 27009 entries
2004-11-30 21:39:48.229 detectInterlace(Ignore Scan, Interlaced Scan, 
29.97, 480) ->Interlaced Scan
2004-11-30 21:39:48.229 Interlaced: Interlaced Scan video_height: 480 
fps: -1
2004-11-30 21:39:48.231 Position map found
2004-11-30 21:39:48.234 Opening audio device 'analog'.
2004-11-30 21:39:48.244 Over/underscan. V: 0, H: 0, XOff: 0, YOff: 5
2004-11-30 21:39:48.298 switchToVid: Video size 720 x 480: Switched to 
resolution 720 x 480 650mm x 366mm
2004-11-30 21:39:48.299 Using XV port 105
2004-11-30 21:39:48.303 Image size. dispxoff 0, dispyoff: 0, dispwoff: 
720, disphoff: 479
2004-11-30 21:39:48.303 Image size. imgx 0, imgy: 0, imgw: 720, imgh: 480
2004-11-30 21:39:48.664 Changing from None to WatchingPreRecorded
2004-11-30 21:39:48.665 Using deinterlace method bobdeint
2004-11-30 21:39:48.666 Using realtime priority.
2004-11-30 21:39:48.766 nVidiaVideoSync: VBlank ioctl did not work, 
unimplemented in this driver?
2004-11-30 21:39:48.769 DRMVideoSync: Could not open device 
/dev/dri/card0, No such file or directory
Segmentation fault

perhaps someone will have some advice with this help...


Marc Tousignant wrote:

>>Firstly has this been brought up on the ivtv lists?
>>Well the difference is not necessarily that it is "doing something
>>different" the second time around.
>>More likely scenarios are:
>>1. that something either hasn't been closed down correctly after the
>>first run
>>2. that some resource has been locked and not freed correctly after the
>>first run
>>3. that something has been closed down "too properly" after the first
>>run and isn't getting reinitialised.
>>Next do you have any options for increasing the verbosity of the logging
>>in the ivtv driver?
>>Finally what happens if you unload and reload all of the ivtv drivers
>>after the first run?
> I was having this same problem with Gentoo.
> I completely reinstalled using x86 instead of ~x86 and the error is gone.
> ~x86 was used only for certain programs like mythtv, video drivers, 
> and a few other things.
> I am running the 2.6.9-rc2-love4 kernel with the new tuners pack 
> applied. I have tuner # 47.
> I’m using the CVS version from this morning, do not have version # on 
> hand, thou I was using one from Friday prior to this and the issue was 
> not there either. This seems to have been caused by a program MythTV 
> or the IVTV drivers rely on which is only available in the Gentoo ~x86 
> unstable branch.
> With this new install I was having a problem with watching TV after a 
> show finished recording. Was getting the can not connect to the 
> capture device after 15 seconds game over message. I identified this 
> as being caused by MythTV running the commercial flagging process. 
> Once I stopped it from flagging commercials the 15 second error stopped.
> Now the only problem I am having is that if I try to do anything while 
> a recording is in progress said recording bombs.
> If I am watching TV when the recording starts and choose to watch as 
> it records it works fine.
> If I am 15 mins late and choose to start watching the recording in 
> progress: I lets me watch, however, nothing is actually recorded after 
> I start watching. Also, it says it is recording even thou it bombed 
> and the backend has to be restarted to get it to realize that it is 
> not recording anymore. This prohibits you from recording any other 
> shows or watching live tv until the backend is restarted.
> It seems to be that if I look at the watch recordings page at all it 
> dies too.
> Also if I am watching a previously recorded show at the time a 
> recording starts: the new recording bombs within seconds.
> I’m leaning towards believing this is a HDD or file system issue. I am 
> running reiserfs on all but my boot drive. Has anyone had bad 
> experiences with this file system?
> One of the guides I read said use xfs thou another one said reiserfs 
> would work just as well.
> I have used reiserfs for a long time without any issues prior to this.
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