[mythtv-users] M-Audio, VIA Chipset, DVD burning, iTunes Rendezvous

Paul Woodward paul_woodward at fastnet.co.uk
Thu Aug 26 12:27:13 EDT 2004

>1) I have read many people recommending the M-Audio Revolution as one of 
>the best cards for MythTV, but I have not actually read posts from 
>anyone that is using one successfully, specifically with the digital 
>output. If you are using this card with the digital out, how is the 
>performance with Myth? How hard was getting it to work? 

I have the Revolution and it sounds awesome connected to my Hifi via the coaxial out. I have it set up using alsa plugs and with the drivers compiled into the kernel.

Until two weeks ago, ALSA support in Myth post 15.1 CVS worked fine, right now it is very unstable. 
1. Mythmusic doesn't support ALSA output so I can't use it.
2. I can't get OSS emulation working (but I'm not an expert)


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