[mythtv-users] Livetv cat /dev/video0 et al...

Jon Piezo jpiezo at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 22 12:18:46 EDT 2004

Hi Folks,

I hadn't heard back on my prior posting and had found some more docs that 
lead me to what I thought would fix things, but didn't.

I edited /etc/security/console.perms so that the line for v4l reads as 

<console>  0666 <v4l>        0766 root.video

Rather then the previous way:

<console>  0600 <v4l>        0600 root

This has changed the perms on all devices that v4l is to control being /dev/ 
dsp* /dev/video* /dev/vpi* etc...

Or so I thought?

Looking at the header info on that file:

<v4l>=/dev/video* /dev/radio* /dev/winradio* /dev/vtx* /dev/vbi* \

I am still getting errors when attempting to do a cat /dev/video0 > temp.mpg

I actually had this working at one point, and mythtv still wouldn't play 
live tv...

Then after a reboot the output of lspci changed so that the modules were in 
a different location than where they were for the past week. Meaning that 
they listed at the top rather than at the bottom of the output. I don't 
think that matters, however the cat test now fails.

Previously I couldn't get aplay /dev/dsp to work with line muted and got 
that fixed per a great tutorial on the myth-wiki:


Even though I am not using the same sound card, the directives in his 
example appear to be generic with the comments being specific to the make 
and model of sound card.  The sound is now digitizing as it should be with 
really good quality. This seems to be another issue with the flyvideo2000 
cards per my searches for help.

I have read every doc that I could find over the past week and there is no 
feedback to help with these issues and folks that don't have hardware 
decoders. There is lots of info for those with the hauppauge pvr-350 and 

I am looking forward to some feedback as to how to hearing back with some 
more info on managing /dev/video0 and other v4l devices. I figure this is a 
good question for the v4l folks, yet also figure we here are dealing with 
this more then any other group of people? If I don't hear back this time I 
will post there. I don't want to cross-post and hoped that the myth group 
would be the place to find these answers

Thanks in advance,


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