[mythtv-users] No response from TV. Really need some help. Ready to give up.

Brad Cox bcox at virtualschool.edu
Tue Aug 24 15:29:57 EDT 2004

I think I'm gaining on it. Tried connecting my Dell laptop (which has 
SVID out) to the TV last night. No response from TV in Media 
player/DVD, just like the mythtv system. Which made me wonder how 
Media player knows to sent output to SVID or the screen, which made 
me check Desktop properties.

Sure enough, there's an option buried deep inside there for directing 
output to screen vs TV. This is easy to miss because its visible only 
if the TV is really connected. Sure enough, selected TV and it worked.

Which tells me the problem with the desktop/mythtv system isn't the 
cables at all but X-Windows not being configured to use TV as a 
device. Will try using the Howto's XF86Config verbatim after a nap... 
I'd modified my own to add TV stuff and think I overlooked the item 
(SwitchSomething) that integrates the terminal and TV settings.

Assuming I'm right, could someone advise how to rig things so that 
mythtv logs in with output=TV while ordinary users log in with 
output=terminal (actually output=vnc)? I read somewhere the DISPLAY 
env setting, but don't recall the details.

And oh yes, how to recover if I botch this such that vnc won't work?

At 6:56 PM -0400 8/23/04, Wayne Steenburg wrote:
>  >
>>  Connection possibilities: I've plugged the cable provided with the
>>  PVR-350 into the S-Vid out port on the PVR350 card. Here I get
>>  confused.
>>  The TV (a big screen Sony projection model) has two columns of input
>>  ports. The first column has red, white and yellow connections to the
>>  VCR (with coax from there to the cable box), plus an S-Vid port at
>>  the top of that column which is unused. The second column has red,
>>  what and yellow RCA connectors and no S-VID port.
>>  I've tried both possibilities that the splitter cable + TV ports
>>  suggests; i.e. an S-VID cable and a red/white/yellow RCA cable
>That's fine (actually ideal) provided you're not plugging the yellow
>(composite video) RCA cable into your tv.  If you do that your tv may
>not look for a signal from the s-video since they're on the same input.
>Also most tv's have a button marked "input" or "tv/vid(eo)" which cycles
>through the various inputs. Your vcr's inputs probably funtion in a
>similar manner.  Your owner's manual will tell you exactly how for your
>Wayne Steenburg
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