[mythtv-users] If You Were to Mass Produce MythTV Boxes...

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sat Aug 21 19:10:44 EDT 2004

> I've read most of the entries in the MythTV hardware
> database and think I have a decent idea of what setups
> seem to work the best. But anyhow, if you were to
> going to mass produce mythtv boxes (frontend+backend
> combined), what components would you use to achieve a
> good price/performance balance (performance being more
> important)?

CPU: something in the p3-500 speed range
RAM: 256 should be plenty, no?
Tuner: pvr-250 or pvr-350 (depending on cpu speed)

motherboard depends on the CPU -- personally, I'd go for something like 
the Via boards, with integrated CPU, which are often passively cooled 
and have their own external power-brick type power supplies.

case, get something nice.  Depending on how many you'd be making (lots 
of 100, 500 or 1000), it might be feasible to get someone like Lian Li 
or Chieftek (Chieftec?) to custom-make a case.

Then again, I still don't think it's feasible to sell mythtv boxes as 
that solution.  Although I'm still open to the idea of having a 
build-your-own-PVR (and learn a little about linux and building your own 
computer) class type thing.


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