[mythtv-users] nuv->avi possibilities?

John Gruenenfelder johng at as.arizona.edu
Thu Aug 19 00:53:51 EDT 2004

After reading the recent nuv->avi with avidemux2 thread, I am still unclear as
to what my best option for repacking my NUV files is.

I now have quite a few Myth NUV files.  They were MPEG2 from a PVR-250, then I
used Myth to cut commercials and transcode to MPEG4 (Xvid, right?).  Using
avidemux2, I can easily see the off-sync problem that others were reporting.
Because of this, I can't really use it.

What are my options for translating my NUV files?  I am only interested in
storing them on a data DVD for playback on a computer, so I don't need to do
DVD authoring.

I could just store the NUV, but that would require the playback platform
(whatever that might be) to support Myth's NUV format, so I'd rather not go
that route.

Since all I need is a simple (?) translation, are there any other programs
which can do this?  Myth certainly has no problems keeping the NUVs in sync
during playback.

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