[mythtv-users] Requirements for Slave Backend Only

Benjamin Carlisle bcarlisle at 24oz.com
Wed Aug 18 23:13:27 EDT 2004

Hello all, 

I have a spare machine that isn't burning many cycles these days and I was
wondering if I could put it to good use by throwing in a Leadtek Winfast
2000 XP, and configuring it as a slave backend. This would improve my WAF
greatly to have a second tuner on my network, so TV watching is not
preempted by my hefty recording schedule.
The box I was considering does not have X/qt/anything graphical installed
(the machine itself does not have a monitor - it's SSH only), and it does
not have many of the 'requirements' to compile MythTV as a whole package. I
would prefer to keep it this way. Is there a way I can compile the backend
only, or are there packages somewhere that just contain source/binaries for
the backend? Is there an easy way to install/configure just a slave backend
on this machine without having to install scads of libs that I would just
remove anyway?

I am still getting used to Myth, so I'm hoping I have the concepts right. In
any case, I appreciate your thoughts...


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