[mythtv-users] [CVS: Jul 23/24] Jump Ahead causes video freeze -- new vsync code?

John Patrick Poet john at BlueSkyTours.com
Wed Aug 18 21:36:47 EDT 2004

Doug Larrick wrote:

> John Patrick Poet wrote:
>> Doug Larrick, can you successfully Jump around in a show (NBC HD 
>> Olympics for example) without the video freezing up occasionally?
> What exactly do you mean by Jump?  Which keys?  Do you mean the 
> 10-minute jump (pg up/down), the 30-second skip (arrows), or ff/rew (<>)?
> And is this only Live TV, or in recordings?
> It certainly sounds like something is not telling NVP that it's to 
> reset its idea of a/v sync.  Is this with video or audio as timebase?  
> (I assume audio, as I imagine you're using AC3 passthrough).

A few "30 second jump"s forward is pretty consistant in causing the problem.

I very rarely watch live tv.  This is with recordings.

Yes, I am using AC3 passthrough, and audio timebase.

This problem is *so* consistant for me, that I have actually been 
surprised that no one else has complained about it.  I am currently 
running the 23Jul04 CVS, since it does not have the problem, but worry 
about getting "left behind" :'(

One thing I have not tried, is compiling up the 24Jul04 CVS with OpenGL 
disabled.  I will give that a try later on.


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