[mythtv-users] F key for adjustments not working

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Aug 18 21:30:32 EDT 2004

James Pifer wrote:
> I'm trying to make color/brightness adjustments of a recording while
> watching it. I hit F as it says in keys.txt, but nothing happens.
> Hitting G while watching LiveTV let's me adjust recording settings. Has
> something changed with how to adjust while watching a recording?

"F" is only active if you've turned on this feature. Go to
Setus->TV Settings->Playback second page and check "Use Xv
picture controls".

> Also, I've painstakingly adjusted one of the channels and I 'think' it
> looks good now. I want to change all the rest of my channels to match. I
> can select contrast, brightness, colour, hue from channel. How do I
> update these in a sql statement to match the one channel I have? The
> settings are:
> contrast 49143
> brightness 45850
> color 45868
> hue 31458

Knowing the characteristics, I seriously doubt these will
give you a good picture. You may want to check the settings
on your TV and grab some test pattern images off the web to
check your TV out picture before making these changes to your
tuner signal ahead of recording. Once the recording is distorted,
you can't fix it by compensating during playback. But, it's
your machine ;-)...

> I'm not a sql guy, so any help would probably save me a lot of time. 

update channel set contrast=32768,brightness=32768,colour=32768,hue=32768;

Will change all channels at once. The above will reset the defaults.

> Last one, I haven't searched for this answer yet, but what is the Fine
> Tuning adjustment for that's found in the channel editor?

Small adjustments to the frequency.

--  bjm

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