[mythtv-users] F key for adjustments not working

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Wed Aug 18 15:41:06 EDT 2004

On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 03:19:39PM -0400, James Pifer wrote:
> I'm trying to make color/brightness adjustments of a recording while
> watching it. I hit F as it says in keys.txt, but nothing happens.
> Hitting G while watching LiveTV let's me adjust recording settings. Has
> something changed with how to adjust while watching a recording?

We had that problem as well; like some other key-press-response
problems we have, it seems intermittent.

> Also, I've painstakingly adjusted one of the channels and I 'think' it
> looks good now. I want to change all the rest of my channels to match. I
> can select contrast, brightness, colour, hue from channel. How do I
> update these in a sql statement to match the one channel I have? The
> settings are:
> contrast 49143
> brightness 45850
> color 45868
> hue 31458
> I'm not a sql guy, so any help would probably save me a lot of time. 

$ mysql -u root -p mythconverg


> update channel set contrast=49143;

... etc.  I think you can set all of them in one pass, but I don't
remember what the syntax is for that.  Do a describe channel before you
do that and check the column type; I assume it's numeric, but not
having my box handy, I can't tell; in the unlikely event it's a string,
you'd have to single quote the 49143.

> Last one, I haven't searched for this answer yet, but what is the Fine
> Tuning adjustment for that's found in the channel editor?

Same thing, 'cept it twiddles the tuner frequency.

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