[mythtv-users] PVR250 not changing channels when scheduled to

Terrence Martin tmartin at physics.ucsd.edu
Sat Aug 14 02:50:29 EDT 2004

Terrence Martin wrote:

> I have a strange problem.
> For some reason my PVR250 tuner is not changing channels when it 
> starts a scheduled recording. This is strange because my PVR250 remote 
> and my keyboard allow me to change channels just fine, both by 
> clicking an up arrow, and when I enter digits. When recording though 
> the PVR250 just stays on the channel I last left the tuner on.
> I am not running an external channel changer in my inputs in my setup 
> but I did not think I had to if I am just using the internal PVR250 
> tuner, or do I?
> Terrence
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Ok found the problem. For some reason I had three card inputs in my 
database. Mythtv was getting confused and using the entry that did not 
point to the correct tuner. phpMyAdmin to the rescue. :) I deleted the 
extraneous card input from the cardinput table.

btw I very much like how easy to understand the mysql database is so 
that these kind of programs can be diagnosed.



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