[mythtv-users] Focus problems with Myth & Xine

Harry Orenstein holists at v92net.com
Sat Aug 14 09:43:07 EDT 2004

This same subject was used in a thread on the Dev list in June but the real 
subject was the colorkey problem with Xine.  My problem is actually the focus 
problem with Xine.

I am running xine-ui 0.99.2 from the latest gzip on the Xine site.  I know 
that this is a problem with Xine and not Myth, so please bear with me.  I 
reviewed all the history I could find on Dev and User Myth lists, the Xine 
site and googling and could not find a resolution to this problem.  Does 
anyone know if this is still a problem?  For those not familiar with it Xine 
does not seem to return focus after playing a DVD in MythDVD (or after 
playing anything even without Myth being involved).

My reason for asking is more than just curiosity, but first I want to get an 
idea if anyone is working around this issue successfully.  I know that some 
people have suggested using low-resource WMs but I am using KDE and I don't 
particularly want to switch.  I'm open to all responses (please be kind!).

-- Harry O.

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