[mythtv-users] On PVR250 works, now an input question

Terrence Martin tmartin at physics.ucsd.edu
Thu Aug 12 20:01:31 EDT 2004

So my PVR250 is working. I cannot say what I did cause it just started 
working...I will put it down to my afor mentioned being tired. :)

 So now I have two inputs..:)

My question is since my PVR250 has a nice selection of inputs what does 
that let me do?

Can I for example use both my PVR250's tuner0 input as well as the 
S-Video + Audio input and then assign different priorities and lineups? 
Will mythTV know not to clobber one with the other? That is try to 
record a program on tune0 when S-Video is recording?

Here is my possible scenario.

I have two tuner cards (PVR and nonPVR). I set them both to handle basic 
cable (non-digital) over their tuner interface. I then attach into my 
PVR250 the Svideo and Audio outs from my cable box and configure lircd 
with my IR200L to change channels. I then set the lineup for the S-Video 
+ Audio inputs to be my Digital cable lineup. Does mythtv's scheduler 
know that if a show is scheduled for the S-Video input that it should 
not schedule programming with the Tuner0 input?


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