[mythtv-users] [OT] putting a PVR250 in Pundit-R - ATI drivers and mythdvd

Paul News paulnews at rogers.com
Thu Aug 12 19:05:00 EDT 2004

Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 21:12:49 +0200 (CEST)
From: "Steven" <mythmail at richardstraat.homedns.org>
Subject: Re: [mythtv-users][OT] putting a PVR250 in
To: "Discussion about mythtv"
<mythtv-users at mythtv.org>

>> BTW: Ati just released new linux drivers
>> Anyone tried the TV-out yet with this new driver?
> Haven't tried but I see no mention of support for
the 9100 IGP 
> in the release notes so it doesn't look good.
> Steven
> Just tried the new 3.11 driver on my pundit-r with
xfree4.3.0 and get this
> when it tries to load the fglrx.o module:
[fglrx:firegl_init] *ERROR*
> Device not found!
> So I guess the 9100igp (RS300) is still unsupported.

I just tried the 3.11.1 drivers yesterday (Fedore Core
2 with kernel 2.6.7-1.499.2.2, Radeon 9200SE, Xorg
6.7.0, mythtv-15.1, PVR-250).  My TV out went from a
scattered image to actually showing X and the
mythfrontend ... but it was only a partial success; if
I try and watch mythtv recorded shows, I get the sound
and a blank screen on both my TV and monitor (the
monitor alone works with the Xorg vanilla radeon
driver) :-(

But between mythtv.org documentation and the
atrpms.net site, the actual installing of mythtv and
mythdvd went pretty well.

> Has anybody tried the ati xfree4.4.0 tree in the
gatos project? This 
> has
> support for the 9100igp but they have only recently
started adding 
> tv-out
> stuff for some cards.

That was going to be tonight's project, before I
finally give up and buy a VGA to S-video converter. 
The GATOS mailing lists have promising things to say
about the tv-out functionality ported into the
ati.4.4.0 branch and tested on the radeon 9200SE
chips, and compiled against Xorg ... except
sourceforge  is having a hardware outage on their CVS
pserver, and letter 'g' is one of the effected letters

If it works out, I'll post my results.

I did have a question, though:

Does anyone else use ATI, mythtv, and xine from
mythdvd to play DVDs?  My mythtv install works well as
a PVR, playing live tv and recorded shows from my
PVR-250.  xine will play DVDs fine in it's many modes.
 But if I launch xine from my mythdvd screen, I get
the sound a blue box where the picture should be.

Has anybody else seen this?


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