[mythtv-users] what is an appropriate epia for mythfrontend only?

Larry Matter mythtv at matter.net
Mon Mar 31 06:45:19 UTC 2003

I'm pretty happy with the EPIA M 9000 as a frontend.  I am running it
diskless (and with a fanless PSU) so it is quiet.  There are a few
limitations that I expect the Nehemiah to solve; namely it will have a
full speed FPU and SSE instruction support.

Also, the new Nehemiah is supposed to come with a much quieter fan.

BTW, I ran NTOP to measure the network load with the frontend system
mounted over NFS and playing back live TV (480x480, mpeg4, 3200 bitrate)
and the peak load I got was 8Mb/sec (and usually it was around 4Mb/sec). 
I know from experience that this is more than my 802.11b can handle, but
it is no prob for 100Mbit ethernet.


> I have MythTV running on my basement (noisy) Athlon 1800, and now I'd
> like to build a epia mini-itx system for the family room.  Want it to be
> as quiet and unobtrusive as possible, and like the epia form-factor.  If
> I'm just running Mythfrontend on this (to watch recordings from basement
> box, and maybe some MP3s (again, from basement), what would be the best
> (minimum) chip?  Most talk on this list seems to be about the 9000...
> should I use that, or wait for the Nehemiah-core 1000?  I am assuming
> these run hotter, and thus might need more cooling and thus might
> generate more noise.... so if running a slower fanless epia C3 works,
> I'm willing to entertain the notion.  Any previous experience on this
> one?
>     ('Course, this is going on the assumption that just running
> mythfrontend (and previously-recorded stuff) isn't such a CPU-load
> as watching live TV)
> Thanks,
> Greg
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