[mythtv-users] what is an appropriate epia for mythfrontend only?

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Mon Mar 31 05:33:27 UTC 2003

If you're curious about how much faster the 9000 is than the 800, check out
the recent EPIA/C3 review on Tom's Hardware.  I think it paints a pretty
good picture of why the 9000 /may/ be viable and the 800 really isn't.  I
believe there are several people here using both, so hopefully one of them
will chime in with more detail here...

Personally, I'm waiting for the dual-C3 on Nehemiah.

#if Greg Nyce /* Mar 30, 20:30 */
> I have MythTV running on my basement (noisy) Athlon 1800, and now I'd
> like to build a epia mini-itx system for the family room.  Want it to be
> as quiet and unobtrusive as possible, and like the epia form-factor.  If
> I'm just running Mythfrontend on this (to watch recordings from basement
> box, and maybe some MP3s (again, from basement), what would be the best
> (minimum) chip?  Most talk on this list seems to be about the 9000...
> should I use that, or wait for the Nehemiah-core 1000?  I am assuming
> these run hotter, and thus might need more cooling and thus might generate
> more noise.... so if running a slower fanless epia C3 works, I'm willing
> to entertain the notion.  Any previous experience on this one?  ('Course,
> this is going on the assumption that just running mythfrontend (and
> previously-recorded stuff) isn't such a CPU-load as watching live TV)
#endif /* greg.nyce at aei.com */

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