[mythtv-users] Looking for some additional information

Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Wed Mar 26 23:53:02 UTC 2003

Just filling in a detail.

At 03:19 PM 3/26/2003 -0800, Cedar McKay wrote:
>>2.  I have digital cable and I know that I can setup the system to 
>>control a cable box.   However is that a global setting or specific to 
>>any given Tuner card?

There are two parts to this, only one of which involves the TV-tuner card.

1. You need to connect the digital-cable box to the computer. For this, you 
need a TV-tuner card that has an input that matches an available output of 
the digital-cable box. That might be coax set to a fixed channel, 
Composite, S-Video, or perhaps something else in Europe. And some of these 
involve separat audio connections.

2. You need to set up the computer to output control instructions to the 
digital-cable box. The usual way to do this is with lirc (Linux Infra-Red 
Controller, I think it stands for) driving an IR-Blaster attached to a 
serial port. (I think TiVos and Replays control external devices like this, 
but I haven't used one so don't knwo for sure.)  MythTV can handle this, 
but ti is quite independent of the TV-tuner card in the computer.

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