[mythtv-users] Looking for some additional information

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Thu Mar 27 02:44:32 UTC 2003

I'm a Myth enthusiast, but frankly, I don't feel Myth is a replacement
for my TiVo.  It makes sense (to me) to go with Myth if you already have
the (extra) hardware laying around and you want to hack (or benefit from)
software PVR, or if you're into the whole "convergence" thang and aim to
replace your entire HT system.  There /are/ reasons to prefer Myth.

Still, I record anything I care about on the TiVo.  It offers superior
function, performance, robustness, and interface.  A ~¼tb unit doesn't cost
more than $300-350 if you upgrade it yourself.  I've spent perhaps 2hrs
hacking at my TiVo(s) in the last 3 years -- chances are it will take you
ten times that just to get a Myth box running anything like your TiVo.

Just a suggestion that you seriously evaluate what it is you hope to gain
and what it will cost you.  (I hope) Your TiVo/Myth Experience May Vary...

#if David Ferguson /* Mar 26, 17:57 */
> I am planning on dumping my Tivo in a few months and going with Myth.
#endif /* DFerguson at pathfire.com */

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