[mythtv-users] Dual card recording

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Fri Mar 28 04:05:57 UTC 2003

> I am planning on dumping my Tivo in a few months and going with Myth.  
> It appears to do everything I have in my Tivo and even more.  I have 
> been reading the web pages to try to learn as much as I can before I 
> dive in but I am suffering from a lack of general Myth terminology.  So:
jump in the water is fine

> 1.  What is the difference between Myth backend and frontend?  I have 
> even read something about a remote frontend?

to run mythtv you need both parts. The backend is responsible for 
recording/scheduling etc. The front end shows you the graphical 
interface and plays the actual video. The idea is you could have a 
'backend' on one system (say a powerful but loud dual tuner machine in 
the basement) and a 'frontend' on another machine (say a quiet, 
attractive less powerful machine in the tv room). Mythtv supports 
multiple frontends and backends all working in concert. However, the 
simplest setup is simply to have the backend and frontend running on the 
same machine.

> 2.  I have digital cable and I know that I can setup the system to 
> control a cable box.   However is that a global setting or specific to 
> any given Tuner card? 

not sure.

> Also, anyone know of a turner cared compatible with digital cable?


> 3.  One of the things I like about my Tivo is that I can let a show 
> start to record and then start watching it about 15 to 20 min into the 
> show.  Can that be done with Myth or do you have to wait until the 
> program is done recording?

you can watch immediately

> 4.  I have read a few posts where it appeared that some people were 
> going to try and put together a Myth distribution.  Anything on this?

just talk so far.

> The main thing that worries me about this is it seems to be difficult 
> to get installed and working.  I have used  Linux some, but never 
> complied anything on it, this is the part that worries me the most.  I 
> have never been successful when it comes to compiling on Linux.

Just use one of the two systems with a lot of documentation (mandrake 
and red hat) and then read _every word_ of the documentation before you 
even start. Don't worry about understanding every little thing, just get 
the flavor. Then start with the documentation again, this time actually 
installing, following the documentation step by  every step. It should 
get you home safe and sound and includes everything you need to do to 
compile your own stuff.

>  I would hate to buy the hardware and not be able to get it to work.  
> I would test on my current computer but it would not work at all on it.
The biggest problems people have with installing mythtv seem to be 
hardware related. However, there are several tuner cards, sound cards 
etc that seem to work for people "out of the box".  Take some care going 
through the archives to try to get a system together that requires as 
little extra work/headache/drivers as possible.

> 5.  Any advantage to using the newer Intel processors with hyper 
> threading?
no idea. Lots of people seem to be using amd xp processers since they 
have a very good price/performance ratio.

finally, in the future, please post using plain text rather than html.

good luck,


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