[mythtv-users] Audio Buffer over run

Malcolm Wotton malcolmwotton at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 24 19:55:01 UTC 2003

> Anybody seen when enabling MythTV using AC97 Codec*(ALSA) and Avermedia
> BT878. I get Audio Buffer overrun in the konsole and the sound

I've recently had the problem with AC97 Realtec and a BT848 card. In my case
I reinstalled ALSA 0.9.2 because the Mandrake 0.9.0 version had some

I also had to change the modules.conf as the standard Mandrake install uses
an alias snd-via8233 which has now become snd-via82xx in the later version
of ALSA.

Mail me back if you don't understand the above and I'll try and help more.


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