[mythtv-users] Source documentation

Malcolm Wotton malcolmwotton at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 24 19:58:48 UTC 2003


Since I'm new to all this and wanted to get a sense of what the code for
mythtv was like I generated some html documentation using doxygen
(www.doxygen.org). The documentation covers the 0.8 release not the latest
source safe.

You can see the results if you're interested at

If there's interest in this I may be able to set up some cron to do this
overnight on the latest CVS version, but not for a while as I don't have any
24x7 linux box at the moment.

Let me know if this is helpful - it's likely to stay there for a month or 2


PS I am likely to update it at any time to reflect my latest installation,
so don't rely on it being the 0.8 release :)

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