[mythtv-users] btaudio problems

Unit3 unit3 at demoni.ca
Tue Mar 25 15:03:52 UTC 2003

When I try to start watching mythtv either live or in progress recording 
there are large numbers of bright horizontal flashes across the screen, 
each one coupled with a crackel from the audio. After a couple of 
minuets audio fails giving only white noise and the flashes continue. 
If I shut down front end and back end and restart both there is about a 
1 in 10 chance that it will work fine... it then continues to work fine 
until I have to shut down the back end for some reason...then chances 
are it wont work. I thought that a reboot was required to have any 
chance of the problem being fixed but in fact the last time it "fixed 
itself" I had not rebooted, just left things for a day or too. Anyone 
have any ideas as to were to start with this odd problem? The same thing 
used to happen with 0.7. Foe waht its worth it seems to work fine when 
viewing xawtv.

Running debian sarge with the 0.8 debs, nvidea video card with the 
nvidea drivers, flytv pc98 TV card Intell p3 866 copermine. Different 
resolutions or codecs make no difference. It such a shame cause when it 
works it is fantastic.


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