[mythtv-users] btaudio problems

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Tue Mar 25 15:17:32 UTC 2003

> I was going to send my dmesg and other output concerning working btaudio 
> setups, when I discovered mine no longer works! :(
> I'd reinstalled my alsa modules, and now I only have one mixer device 
> (when once I had two), and I only have two dsp devices (when once I had 
> 3). Something is messed up here, and I can't track it down.
> Any ideas as to the cause of this problem would be *greatly* appreciated.

I'm not sure how this all works under the bonnet, but I *think* it has to do with modules.conf (or conf.modules) and how you have the various alias entries setup correctly.  I suspect that the re-install of alsa probably rewrote your modules.conf and removed some vital bits of setup that were needed to make btaudio work properly...

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