[mythtv-users] Page Up/Down when selecting a recording

jasonmiller jasonmiller at micron.com
Fri Mar 21 16:06:22 UTC 2003

I apologize for the lack of wrapping in my posts.  Thanks to Joe C.'s comment I just
realized I had it turned off.  Wreaks havoc on tabular data :)

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I have a minor little issue with page up and page down in the recording list and am 
wondering if it is something to do with my setup.  When selecting a recording to view, 
the arrorw keys move up and down one recording at a time.  The Page up and Page down 
keys however, move to the top and bottom of the visible recordings on the screen.  
They don't jump up or down a page at a time as I would expect.  Once at the top or 
bottom of the visible slice of recordings, they continue to work just like an arrow 
key (move one recording at a time.)  If I click on the scroll bar with the mouse the 
selection moves a page at a time.  Do other people see the same behavior?  Is it 
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