[mythtv-users] Page Up/Down when selecting a recording

jasonmiller jasonmiller at micron.com
Fri Mar 21 15:34:30 UTC 2003

Gregorio Gervasio Jr. wrote:

>No, there is no problem using btaudio for sound-in and ALSA
>for sound-out.  You just need to tell MythTV to use a different
>/dev/dspX for sound input when you run "setup/setup" (find the device
>number in your syslog, at the point where btaudio is loaded).  But
>first, have you tested that btaudio is working outside MythTV?  Run
>"xawtv" and use aplay or sox to read the btaudio device.  Read the
>kernel docs (Documentation/sound/btaudio) for more information.
Heh... I just dug through the archives and saw all the discussion on 
this, and I've got it working lovely now with BTAudio, in full stereo at 
44.1 kHz. RTFM indeed, I should know better than to ask FAQs. ;)



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