[mythtv-users] Locks Up and Slow Performance

JC johnmythtv at crombe.com
Fri Mar 21 15:53:41 UTC 2003

> Since all of the compression is done on the G200 card,
> the speed of CPU shouldn't matter much. CPU
> utilization with the G200 during
> compression/decompression was usually only 3-4 percent
> using MJPEG and decimation 2. The G200 drops frames if
> you increase the decimation to d 1 (640x480).
> I put a WinTV card in when I took the G200 out.
> ./jj

So, why did you put in a WinTV card instead of just switching compression

I figured I'd order up a fast new Athlon mb, and either use the G200 with hw
mjpeg and decimation 1 (which you say doesn't work) or go to Mpeg4.  Are you
saying that won't work?


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