[mythtv-users] Locks Up and Slow Performance

Jason James jason_james_97 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 21 17:09:47 UTC 2003

--- JC <johnmythtv at crombe.com> wrote:
> So, why did you put in a WinTV card instead of just
> switching compression
> codecs?
> I figured I'd order up a fast new Athlon mb, and
> either use the G200 with hw
> mjpeg and decimation 1 (which you say doesn't work)
> or go to Mpeg4.  Are you
> saying that won't work?

It won't work any better than your current setup. You
can't get decimation 1 with the G200 without dropping
a lot of frames. For more information, see the mailing
lists at marvel.sourceforge.net.

I replaced the G200 TV with a WinTV for two reasons:
higher resolution and wanting it to "just work." 

I did this before 0.8 came out, and getting the G200
working sounded pretty hairy. There appeared to be
more problems than success stories on this list with
the G200, and my initial attempts to get it working
under Myth didn't work. At this point, I might try
reinstalling it and see if I can get it working.

After much frustration, I decided to go with new
hardware that was well-understood and worked well for
a lot of people.

Of course, at this point, I'm having image quality,
stability, and CPU utilization problems with the WinTV
based setup, so I may put the G200 back in even though
I'll have lower resolution.


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