[mythtv-users] Locks Up and Slow Performance

Jason James jason_james_97 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 21 12:48:37 UTC 2003

--- JC <johnmythtv at crombe.com> wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> You say that you got a pretty decent output with
> your G200 at 320x240.  I
> assume you mean with hardware mjpeg and decimation 2
> / 2, right?  That's the
> card I have right now, and that's as high as I can
> get the resolution.  I
> have a P3-800 and plan on buying a new Athlon 2000+
> or more this weekend to
> be able to up the resolution.
> Are you saying that you couldn't do Decimation 1
> with your Athlon XP 2100+
> and that card?  If so, why not?  I was really
> looking forward to 640x480!
> If you've given up on the hardware MJPEG for the
> G200, are you still using
> that card to do the RTJPEG or MPEG4?  For me, that's
> the only card I have in
> the box, and it does both the capture and TV output.

Since all of the compression is done on the G200 card,
the speed of CPU shouldn't matter much. CPU
utilization with the G200 during
compression/decompression was usually only 3-4 percent
using MJPEG and decimation 2. The G200 drops frames if
you increase the decimation to d 1 (640x480).

I put a WinTV card in when I took the G200 out.


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