[mythtv-users] A couple of random suggestions

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Fri Mar 21 16:04:56 UTC 2003

Ken Davis wrote:
> I would like to setup MythTV on four TV's. I want to have the ability to 
> record 2 shows and watch 1 on each. I am assuming from what I read is 
> that I could setup 1 master backend with 2 tuner cards and 3 non-master 
> backends with 2 tuner cards each. Does this sound like the right way to 
> approach this? Ken

Yes. You'll have one scheduler capable of recording up to
eight overlapping shows at one time. You could watch any
of the eight recordings from any frontend. You could have
live TV going on all four frontends and still have four
shows recording at the same time. There isn't any scheme
for round-robin assigning of tuners or preferring a machine
for a particular show or such yet. Therefore tuner 1 on the
master is always the first choice so put the bulk of your
disk space on the master.

The tuners on the last slave wouldn't get used until you had
more than six recordings and/or live TV going at the same
time. One thing you may want to do is change the card order
after you install. When you run setup for each of the backends
your tuners will be A 1&2, B 3&4, C 5&6, D 7&8. You could
change the database (sorry) and assign them A 1&5, B 2&6,
C 3&7, D 4&8. You'd get better distribution of disk usage
and it wouldn't need to use a second tuner until you had
five things going at once.

--  bjm

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