[mythtv-users] Tuners and Audio, was: B&W Picture and Channels off....

Unit3 unit3 at demoni.ca
Thu Mar 20 00:30:18 UTC 2003

Ray Olszewski wrote:

> There are several tuner types that could match "a phillips one", even 
> one you know uses NTSC. tuner=2 is one choice, but not the only one. 
> Check the CARDLIST in your kernel-video4linux-bttv Documentation, as I 
> suggested before, for the details. 

Ah yes, you were right. Normal us-cable, and tuner 17 solved my all my 
reception problems. That's right, to everyone out there, the ATI TV 
Wonder (non-VE) uses bttv tuner 17, not whatever it autodetects! That 
should be enough for archive searches to find. ;)

> On my (2.4.19, Debian package) kernel tree, it's the first item in the 
> Sound menu ("BT878 audio dma") under a checked "Sound card support" item.

Ahhh would you look at that, it was there the whole time. :P  Thanks!

>> but I am getting audio through the soundcard connection. Oddly, 
>> however, it's a *lot* quieter than windows, and I only get the left 
>> channel, not the right. I double checked my ALSA mixer settings, and 
>> the aux line is muted and has full record volume set. Any ideas about 
>> this would be appreciated. :)
I figured that using btaudio would solve (or at least work around) this 
problem. However, I can't figure out how to get mythtv to capture from 
btaudio... I think the problem lies in that I'm using ALSA for my sound 
card, and btaudio is a part of the OSS and not ALSA drivers. I could be 
completely off base here. Anyway, kmix shows 3 audio line ins for 
btaudio, and setting any of them to record produces no sound in MythTV. 


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