[mythtv-users] Tuners and Audio, was: B&W Picture and Channels off....

Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Wed Mar 19 23:16:32 UTC 2003

At 04:58 PM 3/19/2003 -0600, Unit3 wrote:
>Ray Olszewski wrote:
>>I don't know what you are seeing that you call "noticeably noisier",
>>but I wonder if you are trying to tune the hrc range using the Canada 
>>settings and getting near-misses. If so, you might try ntsc-hrc. The same 
>>suggestion *may* apply to the original poster in this thread, depending 
>>on which US setting he's been trying.
>Interesting, I'll have to try that next. I took a little look, and the 
>bttv driver *was* autodetecting the wrong tuner (some PAL tuner, when I'm 
>almost certain I have a phillips one). After changing that to tuner=2, I 
>still had a pretty noisy picture (compared to the same channels under 
>windows, a lot more static). I'll see if the HRC setting makes a big 
>difference or not.

There are several tuner types that could match "a phillips one", even one 
you know uses NTSC. tuner=2 is one choice, but not the only one. Check the 
CARDLIST in your kernel-video4linux-bttv Documentation, as I suggested 
before, for the details.

>In a probably unrelated problem, I'm having a weird issue with sound. I'm 
>not using btaudio (not compiled into my kernel and I can't find the where 
>in menuconfig I can choose to compile it),

On my (2.4.19, Debian package) kernel tree, it's the first item in the 
Sound menu ("BT878 audio dma") under a checked "Sound card support" item.

>but I am getting audio through the soundcard connection. Oddly, however, 
>it's a *lot* quieter than windows, and I only get the left channel, not 
>the right. I double checked my ALSA mixer settings, and the aux line is 
>muted and has full record volume set. Any ideas about this would be 
>appreciated. :)

No thoughts here, I regret to say.

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