[mythtv-users] strange sound problem

Darren Mylrea mylreada at luther.edu
Wed Mar 19 16:24:49 UTC 2003


First of all let me compliment everybody (especially Isaac) who worked on this program with v0.8-release. Awesome! 

Now my problem: I live in the Netherlands. There are no XMLTV-parsers in XMLTV for this country.

I have an XML-file (in XMLTV-format) containing program-info. Furthermore I have a .xawtv-file containing all the channel-info for my cable-provider. I know I need to use 'mythfilldatabase --file' to fill the database, but then the channels aren't set up correctly (since these aren't in the XML-file, but in the .xawtv-file). 

It is also necessary to add a video source in MythTV-setup to make things work. When creating one I need to select a country (my country isn't listed and I cannot find a 'manual' or 'other' setting). The program always thinks I'm in a country (mostly NA, since it's default) in which I don't live. I think that affects the channel-settings as well.

My main question is: How do I make this work in a correct manner, without using XMLTV?

2nd: Is it possible to make a 'manual' setting in the video-source to tackle this 'country-not-listed'-problem?

3rd: Is it possible to make Mythtv read .xawtv-files?


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