[mythtv-users] Problems with Debian install and mythtv-backend_0.8-8

Jeff Gilliam jgilliam at ferdaze.com
Wed Mar 19 03:54:28 UTC 2003

I'm all set up with myth but when I go to watch tv, the picture is black
and white, and the channels are off by one....channel 30 is displayed,
but channel 29 is what's actually being shown.
I went back and ran xawtv, and got the same thing.
I went to the archives and saw a couple people had similar
issues...using the ATI TV Wonder VE.....which is what I'm using.... so
the solution seemed to be running insmod tuner type=2 and insmod bttv
tuner=2, but I did that and it didn't fix my problem.

Anyone else know what this issue might be or anything else to try?  How
can I tell if the tuner type has been properly set?  Is there something
I can look at that will tell me what type the driver is using?

TIA, Mike

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