[mythtv-users] Matrox G200-TV's for sale

Joseph H. Fry joe at thefrys.com
Wed Mar 19 04:09:15 UTC 2003

> --CPU utilization seems high. Using RTJPEG 640x480 for
> Live TV, my CPU is about 40% mythbackend, 30 percent
> mythfrontend and 20% X windows, which means that it
> dropping some frames. Does this sound about right? I
> don't want to lower the resolution, actually, I'd
> prefer to use 704x480 if I could. MPEG4 performance is
> worse.

This almost sounds like you don't have the NVidia drivers installed so
Xv support can be used.  When you run mythfrontend, does it display a
message about "non-Xv mode enabled" or something to that effect?  It
sounds like you're doing software scaling and color conversion instead of
it being done in hardware by the video card if you had the proper drivers

You should be able to do 704x480 mpeg4 easily on your system.


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