[mythtv-users] ./setup INPUT window screen is blank

Kyle Bowerman kyle at bowerman.org
Wed Mar 19 03:26:10 UTC 2003

usenet at wingert.org wrote:

>My Mitsubishi has VGA in, but only 640x480, it is a top of the line Diamond too.
Yeah, I've found the TVs with the VGA in doesn't really correspond with 
how highly priced they are. Sampo makes a 34" Tube HDTV that'll do 720p 
and 1080i on its SVGA input, and it goes for about $1500 US.

>Which TVs do 1080i?
Mostly the ones with DVI inputs, I understand. Although, like I said, 
there are issues with computer DVI -> HDTV DVI sometimes. Best thing you 
can do is drag your machine in to a shop and try it out on the TV you're 
thinking of.

>Could you provide a link for a VGA to 1080i Converter for $100?
Sure. Keohi HDTV has a nice page on them:


You can probably use froogle.google.com to find cheaper prices. Also, 
apparently Circuit City carries the RCA model, so you can call them and 
see how much it is locally.


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