[mythtv-users] DVD in myth TV

Ben Brown ben at handcoder.com
Mon Mar 17 19:05:23 UTC 2003

Funny you mention that.  Yes it does... but it doesn't work, or so a guy
here at the office who has a Tivo tells me.

I guess now I'm just going to use analog for MythTV since I want to have
at least 2 tuners in the machine (recording and live (buffered) tv at
the same time), and to do that without digital tv pc decoders, I would
need two decoder boxes.. right?    So I guess I'll run two analog cables
to the pvr, one to the decoder box, and run those to two different
inputs on the tv and just use the signal off the cable box if I really
need to watch something off of the digital channels. Which really isn't
all that often anyway.

Oh well, analog it is!

Thanks for all the help,

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Joey Adams wrote
> First of all I'm very impressed with what I've seen of MythTV so 
> I've decided to build a machine to run it on.  I have digital cable 
> (Scientific-Atlanta decoder box) but I didn't want to have to go the 
> IR Blaster route

Does that box have a serial port on it?  You might be able 
to have it change channels thru that, rather than IR.

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