[mythtv-users] DVD in myth TV

Joel Larsson joel at rosafluffmoln.nu
Mon Mar 17 19:35:32 UTC 2003

Feel free to attach your configurations. I just added ogle myself and it 
seems to work good but its always educating to look how someone else did 
and see if I can improve my setup.


Ben Brown wrote:

>I've seen many people mention this, and I thought I'd make a quick post.
>If you want to be able to play DVD's from you mythtv, you might try just
>using a 3rd party piece of software and editing your menu.xml's.  I've
>set this up on my myth box and it works great.  I use ogle for DVD
>playback and have mapped the ogle key command to the one used by myth.
>Make a few XML changes, and now I have a DVD menu option that takes me
>to a screen with and eject and play button.  I know for many of you this
>is old hat, but if you're a linux newbie, fear not it is easy to do and
>requires little work.  If anyone is interested, I can go into more
>detail of how to do this stuff. 
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