[mythtv-users] ...Can only watch Live TV without program guide info.

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Tue Mar 11 19:38:40 UTC 2003

Did you run the setup/setup program from the source directory?  Make
sure you complete all the steps there; this is what associates a TV
tuner device with a set of channel listings.  Without that, the program
listings fetched by mythfilldatabase are not associated with your
tuner.  The "Watch TV" button probably works because you previously ran
some program like xawtv which tuned the card to a channel, but since
Myth has no association between your card and a set of channels, you
can't change channels.  If you reboot your machine and then try to watch
live TV with Myth, I'll bet you only get a blue screen, since the tuner
card will be in an "untuned" state.

-Joe C.

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> Allright, finally got my video problems solved thanks
> to Joe C and the mailing list , now onto other
> problems.  Nothing happens when I try to select
> Schedule a Recording, watch a recording, fix
> scheduling conflicts or setup.  the only "button" that
> works is the watch TV button.  When I select this,
> another window opens up and live tv is displayed
> without any information in the program guide.  I have
> run fillmythdatabase without any errors just prior to
> running the frontend.
> Any ideas why none of the other buttons are working? 
> Any ideas on how to fix the program guide info?
> Again, I am a Linux Newbie and wasn't able to find any
> info in the mailing list.  
> Thanks for your help,
> Jason

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