[mythtv-users] ...Can only watch Live TV without program guide info.

W Jason McMillon jason_mcmillon at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 11 14:35:36 UTC 2003

Hi Everyone!

    I just installed mythtv from cvs. It's great!!  I've  configured in 
mythweather, mythgallery, and mythgames! All work great!  I am 
going to add snes9x support for games as well as create a video
export module for mythtv (unless anyone else is working on that).
My goal is to get mpeg2 files dumped to dvd. I am creating DVD movies
from family video from DV format.  At first I will be working with nuv files 
with uncompressed audio (native nuv) since I have made dvd disks from
nucrec before. In fact I will include the simple C script that does this.
For now I am creating 2 pass DIVX disks and playing them back with
my Sega Dream Cast (Cool!) 
What I will be doing is adding a mythtv module for video export.  I don't
know how long it qwill be since spring is around the corner and I am working
on the old homestead plus work.  But I will be working on this.  For now
here's the simple script to create a mpeg2 file from a nuv file.  After you 
create your mpeg2 files you can use dvdauthor tools to create the dvd data
ready for mkisofs to create an iso of the dvd.

Here's my mkdvd script.
echo "you have choosen to make a VCD compliant MPEG stream"
echo "please notice that VBR MPEG streams can have the same"
echo "visual quality with lower/low bitrates too (like divx)"
echo ""
# nuvplay -e $1.nuv | toolame -b 224 -p 2 -m s /dev/stdin $1.mp2
# exportvideo -Y 2 $1.nuv "|mpeg2enc -b 1152 -G 15 -g 15 -N -o $1.m1v"
exportvideo -Y 2 -G 720x480 $1.nuv "|mpeg2enc -I 2 -f 8  -o $1.m2v"
# exportvideo -Y 2 $1.nuv "|mpeg2enc -m 2 -f 3 -b 2500 -G 15 -g 15  -o $1.m1v"
mplex -f 8 -V -b 500 -o $1.mpg $1.m2v $1.mp2

The above would make a mpeg2 video from a nuv file with uncompressed audio.

I am still working on exporting compressed audio.

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