[mythtv-users] Quality vs. Disk space..

Kevin J. Slater kslater at pobox.com
Tue Mar 11 17:50:39 UTC 2003

On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 05:04:42PM +0000, nick wrote:
> 1. When trying to use Hardware MJPEG encoding in my Live TV profile, I 
> get a blank screen (as if live TV tries to start) and lots of messages 
> on the console about "Audio buffer overflow!  Audio stream data lost" 
> and such.  I also received some messages, at one point, about 
> ThreadedWrite failing, but I haven't been able to reproduce those this 
> morning.  RTJPEG and MPEG4 seem to work just fine here, but hardware 
> encoding is a no-go.  Changing the audio codec or parameters doesn't 
> change anything.

Have you gotten hardware capture working with the mjpeg tools?  Also what
are you doing about audio for each card, 2 seperate sound cards?  

> 3. The G400 TV tuner isn't detected, no matter what I do.  I've got 
> another tuner in there, so this isn't the biggest deal, but PIP would 
> be nice.  When I use the tuner.o built from marvel.sourceforge.net, my 
> existing tuner is still detected as the only tuner, except it doesn't 
> work (won't tune any channels).  When I use the tuner.o built with my 
> kernel, the existing WinTV Pro is detected correctly and works.  In 
> both cases, the Philips tuner in the G400 is not detected, and does not 
> work.  /dev/video1 (where I would imagine it should be) is not a device.

Is it (/dev/video1) not there at all or does it just appear not to be used
by a driver?  Unless something has changed in the last couple of months the
current version of the marvel drivers makes use of the tuner module built
into the kernel, the one that gets built when you build the BT848 driver.


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