[mythtv-users] remote playback problem

Chris Palmer mythtv at zencow.com
Thu Mar 13 02:59:25 UTC 2003

I have the M9000 also but can not get mythTV to work.  What driver are
you using for video?  I tried and none that work with the integrated via
video chip have xvideo support.

If you run from command line:  xvinfo  , what do you get?

If you do not get: no screens found , then can you check your XF86config
file and tell me what video driver you are using?

Thanks.  I tried the VIA driver, but it did not work  either.

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 09:50, Kevin J. Slater wrote:

> Finally found enough time to get the CVS version of MythTV working on my PIA-M9000
>  / ATI TV Wonder VE box. Thanks Isaac and all the others working on this project! 
> I don't use it for live tv yet, just recording and playback until I figure out how
> to wring as much as I can from this current motherboard. I have a few questions 
> w.r.t. quality and filesize. At present I'm using RTJPEG at 352 x 480 with a
> quality setting of 160 (2/2). This produces files of about 3.2 G / hour, which
> is much larger than I was hoping. Does this sound about right? I briefly tried
> MPEG4 but the picture quality seemed to be much worse? Although on my box this
> could be
> related to a lack of processor power.
> ...Kevin
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