[mythtv-users] Updating Myth's GUI

Micah Morton micah at oregontech.net
Sat Mar 1 02:24:10 UTC 2003

I'll second that... With a system as complex as myth, its always best to
have the functionality there before you start throwing eye candy at it. 
However, it never hurts to have better themes and such.. The functionality
of myth will change over time, making the gui harder to predict.  If you
started trying to perfect the GUI, it would end up being a never ending
battle until Myth was finally "complete".

Is there a suggested features area somewhere that I can look at? Does
mythtv have a sourceforge project? Suppose I could do a search huh?


> Nathan!
> I think all of the ideas you detail in your webpage are wonderful..
> Needless to say, I think we know where the current setup comes from: the
>  need to get the "basics" working before the UI.. and since the platform
> is  PC, using the built-in QT widgets is why we have things as they
> are.. As  time progresses, I certainly hope that your ideas are explored
> further! : )
> tarek : )
>>Hey Guys -
>>I've been thinking about some ideas that might make Myth, in my
>> opinion, look and respond a little more like a PVR should.
>>I always hate to say things like that, because, as I've said before, if
>> I am stuck with Myth.7 forever, that is a pretty damn good deal. I love
>> the software and don't mean any disrespect to anyone that has put in
>> time. I know Isaac et al are working on big behind the scenes changes
>> right now, and prettying everything up is not a major priority.
>>However, some things about the GUI I dislike; things that make me think
>> I am using Windows or some OS, not a PVR.
>>I've come up with some stuff, but instead of loading this list with
>> graphics and such, I figured I would plop them on my website.
>>If you have any comments about anything, I'd love to hear them.
>>Here are the pages:
>>Send comments directly to me, or to the list.
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>>mythtv-users at snowman.net
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