[mythtv-users] Updating Myth's GUI

tarek Lubani tarek at tarek.2y.net
Sat Mar 1 04:57:45 UTC 2003


I think all of the ideas you detail in your webpage are wonderful.. 
Needless to say, I think we know where the current setup comes from: the 
need to get the "basics" working before the UI.. and since the platform is 
PC, using the built-in QT widgets is why we have things as they are.. As 
time progresses, I certainly hope that your ideas are explored further! : )

tarek : )

>Hey Guys -
>I've been thinking about some ideas that might make Myth, in my opinion,
>look and respond a little more like a PVR should.
>I always hate to say things like that, because, as I've said before, if I am
>stuck with Myth.7 forever, that is a pretty damn good deal. I love the
>software and don't mean any disrespect to anyone that has put in time. I
>know Isaac et al are working on big behind the scenes changes right now, and
>prettying everything up is not a major priority.
>However, some things about the GUI I dislike; things that make me think I am
>using Windows or some OS, not a PVR.
>I've come up with some stuff, but instead of loading this list with graphics
>and such, I figured I would plop them on my website.
>If you have any comments about anything, I'd love to hear them.
>Here are the pages:
>Send comments directly to me, or to the list.
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