[mythtv-users] Need a little help with setup

Weaver, Charles cweaver at fgcu.edu
Mon Mar 3 13:02:56 UTC 2003

I don't agree that UI is "eye candy". I think it is an often overlooked 
part of program creation.. And ultimately, it is a huge part of any 
program.. The issue, and the point I was trying to get at, is that UI 
requires very concerted development, which just happens to be easy to 
bypass in favour of pre-existing widgets..

In terms of UI genius, though, I love mythprogfind's UI system.. Much like 
what Nathan is proposing in terms of the "layered" selection system.

tarek : )

>I'll second that... With a system as complex as myth, its always best to
>have the functionality there before you start throwing eye candy at it.
>However, it never hurts to have better themes and such.. The functionality
>of myth will change over time, making the gui harder to predict.  If you
>started trying to perfect the GUI, it would end up being a never ending
>battle until Myth was finally "complete".
>Is there a suggested features area somewhere that I can look at? Does
>mythtv have a sourceforge project? Suppose I could do a search huh?

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